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The Tailwinds of American Prosperity

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

The tailwinds are strong

They carry our wrongs,

If things don’t change,

we’ll get where we’re going.

Some suffer, some don’t

Some go with the flow

They fit right in

Others get it on the chin.

If you can go with the flow

You won’t feel a thing.

Until it’s too late

Then you’ll feel its sting

It didn't have to be this way

Human choices created today

The tailwinds are ours

They reflect the color of our skin

They reveal the white man’s sin.

Yes, the tailwinds are strong

They have such force,

But the headwinds are growing

We could change course.

It’s a turbulent time

Our stories are clashing

The Oceans are rising and

Civilians are uniting.

We share a humanity

born in Africa,

Inhabiting the earth

Searching for a home.

With every breath we take

The wind does us make

It's the breath of life

that holds us together

It's that simple;

It's like the weather.

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