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The Gift We Need

Updated: Feb 17

When you visit the Martin Luther King Jr. Center in Atlanta, I suggest you get a cup for your morning coffee. I would not assume that we can have an experience like King's, but in these times, we can take his experience to heart.

We don't know when the killing and mayhem in Ukraine will end, or even how it will end.

We don't know how many women and men will be executed by the Iranian government before they will cease their policy of brutal terrorism

We don't know how successful the gas and fuel industry will be in preventing our necessary switch to electric energy

We don't know when our government will open the border to all who are seeking safety

We don't know how to help far-right cult members reject their influencers

We don't know when the people of India will affirm a pluralistic society, or Saudia Arabic, or Qatar, or other nations.

We don't know how much worse climate disruptions must be before adequate change becomes possible.

We don't know or we don't have the collective will, to adequately address the houseless issue

We sometimes feel like the darkness is increasing while we play or watch the games.

I don't know if there will be a voice that stands up, or if we will hear it.

Still, there is Dr. King's experience, and it looks like the gift we need.

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