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The Eleven Chapters of A Climate of Justice


I’ve been surprised that many people have chosen to read chapters of my book, A Climate of Justice, rather than download the whole book.  The downloads are free, thanks to Lyrasis, a group of librarians who funded the book’s open access because they believed it supported the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  The eleven chapters were written independent of each other, so it’s possible to treat them as short books, although they also contribute to the book’s overall purpose.  You can access any of the Chapters by clicking on their number.


Part One:  The Interpretative Framework

Chapter 1:        Introduction: Three Kinds of Engagement          

Chapter 2:       The Earth                 

Chapter 3:        Our Humanity        

Chapter 4:       The Social                 

Chapter 5:       The Civic                  

Part Two:  Telling “Telling Stories”

Chapter 6:       White Compromises and American Prosperity    

Chapter 7:       Reinhold Niebuhr During the Time of the White Compromise  

Chapter 8:       The Sharecropper’s Story and An Ethics for Environmentalism


Part Three:    Empowering the Civic

Chapter 9:       Civilian Empowerment: A Theological Inquiry  

Chapter 10:     The Citizen’s Role in Creating a Climate of Justice         

Chapter 11:     An Invitation to Civic Dialogue      


The Entire Book:  A Climate of Justice: An Ethical Foundation for Environmentalism













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