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The Book A Climate of Justice is Now Available

Updated: May 20, 2022

Published as an Open Access book, you can download a PDF or a EPUB copy of the book, or single Chapters at the book’s Springer page. You can also buy a hardcover copy.



Chapter 1 Three Kinds of Engagement

Part 1: The Interpretive Framework

Chapter 2 The Earth

Chapter 3 Our Humanity

Chapter 4 The Social

Chapter 5 The Civic

Part 2: Telling “Telling” Stories

Chapter 6 White Compromises and American Prosperity

Chapter 7 Reinhold Niebuhr During the Time of The White Compromise

Chapter 8 The Sharecropper’s Story and An Ethics of Environmentalism

Part 3: Empowering The Civic

Chapter 9 Civilian Empowerment: A Theological Inquiry

Chapter 10 The Citizen’s Role in Creating a Climate of Justice

Chapter 11 An Invitation to Civic Dialogue

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