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If Truth Be Told

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

If truth be told, we would eat a slice of humble pie, walk softly on the Earth, and give thanks for its gifts.

If truth be told, our zip code tells us more about our life chances than our DNA

If truth be told, we don’t breathe the air, the air breathes us.

If truth be told, the Earth does not belong to anyone, we all belong to it.

If truth be told, it will come from the stories of vulnerable groups.

If truth be told, our nation does not have a soul. Maybe individuals do, settler nations do not. It was not a “soul” that has held our nation together, but rather the white compromises that disavowed crimes against humanity and created a climate of injustice that has never been repaired.

If truth be told, rescuing the middle class will not rescue the planet.

If truth be told, the change we need will require the organization of both people and technology.

If truth be told, the climate crisis will change social relations. The question is whether we have the gumption to push the change toward a climate of justice.

If truth be told, any climate proposal that does not limit consumption is a fool’s errand.

If truth be told, democracy without the rule of law leaves the most vulnerable exposed to harm.

If truth be told, single-mindedness disavows social relationships.

If truth be told, it’s very difficult to change our beliefs. False beliefs make sense to us, or we would have already changed them. If truth be told, truth usually doesn’t win over our feeling of safety.

If truth be told, democracy depends on caring citizens who listen to the claims of vulnerable civilians. If we lose our democracy in November, it will be because we didn’t care.

And so on and so forth. Please continue the list in the comments.

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Nancy Southern
Nancy Southern
Sep 14, 2022

Love this. Would be great to publish to a larger audience. If truth be told, we would all be happier if we gave away our wealth to the benefit of the greater good. Reflecting on the leadership example of Yvon Chouinard, CEO of Patagonia, who gave away his $3 billion company to a trust and non-profit organization to combat climate change and protect undeveloped land around the globe.

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