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Biden’s Mistake

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Ok, I’m not sure, Biden is certainly better than Trump. Still, it seems like President Biden has not made the voting rights bills his top priority. He has twice invited Republicans to the White House to get their cooperation in passing his infrastructure bill I have not heard about him inviting Republicans once to help pass the Senate bill on voting rights. If he thinks that repairing our infrastructure will save our democracy, I think he’s making a mistake.

We are living in the wake of the January 6 insurrection, and the Republicans certainly know that this crisis is an opportunity to nail down their minority. There are well over 300 bills in different States to limit access to voting. Even major corporations as well as professional sports can see the danger. If we don’t stop voter suppression, the Republicans are very likely to take over the House in 2022. It doesn’t really make much difference If they drive to Washington on a new highway in an electric car.

It’s not only that Biden wants to build back better, but better than any other nation. Where is the humility of someone who owes not only his nomination but also his election to People of Color? If we want to be the world’s leader in something, what about being the world’s leader in paying reparations to those who have suffered from American imperialism?

We do have economic problems, but the fundamental problems we face cannot be solved with economic solutions. My view is that there is a social climate of injustice that continues to keep us from creating a sustainable future. If that is true, then trying to create such a future without changing the social climate to a climate of justice is a mistake. It’s may be more than a mistake; it could be the death of our democracy.

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