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A Climate of Justice and the Rule of Law

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

So, what is the difference between a climate of justice and a climate of injustice? One difference is that in a climate of injustice, people act with impunity and flout the rule of law. In a climate of justice, people are held accountable and people enforce laws.

Our legal code was written in a climate of injustice—caused by the enslavement, genocide, and displacement of millions in the Atlantic commerce—and the task of this project is to understand how to switch to a climate of justice—but that does not mean that the rule of law cannot serve as a source for the protection of civilians.

If Trump and his party overrides the rule of law, the danger increases not only for civilians—those who are vulnerable and depend on the rule of law for their protection—for also for citizens who work for justice.

Protecting the rule of law is not sufficient to create a climate of justice, but it is necessary.

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